Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Informatica Architecture And Components

                                  Informatica Architecture

Components of Informatica Architecture

Ø  Domain: Domain is the primary unit for management and administration of services in Powercenter. The components of domain are one or more nodes, service manager an application services.

Ø  Node: Node is logical representation of machine in a domain. A domain can have multiple nodes. Master gateway node is the one that hosts the domain. You can configure nodes to run application services like integration service or repository service. All requests from other nodes go through the master gateway node.

Ø  Service Manager: Service manager is for supporting the domain and the application services. The Service Manager runs on each node in the domain. The Service Manager starts and runs the application services on a machine.

Ø  Application services: Group of services which represents the informatica server based functionality. Application services include powercenter repository service, integration service, Data integration service, Metadata manage service etc.

Ø  Powercenter Repository: The metadata is store in a relational database. The tables contain the instructions to extract, transform and load data.

Ø  Powercenter Repository service: Accepts requests from the client to create and modify the metadata in the repository. It also accepts requests from the integration service for metadata to run workflows.

Ø  Powercenter Integration Service: The integration service extracts data from the source, transforms the data as per the instructions coded in the workflow and loads the data into the targets.

Ø  Informatica Administrator: Web application used to administer the domain and powercenter security.


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