Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sorter Transformation In Informatica

Sorter Transformation

Ø  The transformation Sorter can be used to sort data

Ø  The Sorter transfomation can be used to perform Ascending and Descending sort orders.
Ø  Key column decides the sorting key

Ø  We can perform sort on morethan one column

Ø  While evaluating equal values the order of the sorting key columns will be used

Ø  We can configure sorter to generate distinct records from sorter

Ø  We can configure sorter for case - sensitive sorting

Ø  It can sort data coming from relational sources and flat files

Ø  the sorter transformation have the ports I, O , Key and Direction

Ø  The order of the ports appear in the Ports tab determines the succession of sort operations.

Ø  If case sensitive is configured then upper case letters take more priority than lower case letters

Ø  If we configure sorter for distinct records, combination of all the ports will become sort key to eliminate duplicate records.

Ø  Sorter trasnformation can be used to sort data coming from relational and non relational sources.


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